Breeze & Fearon: family research

Edna Fearon modelling the Marcel Wave, c.1930


Hi, I’m Jo, and I’m starting to record some of my family history research here – looking specifically at the Breeze and Fearon families in Liverpool.

The beautiful photo to the right (depending on how you’re viewing this page!) is my grandmother, Edna Breeze née Fearon.

Latest additions

The most recently added people:

My grandparents:

Harry Breeze MBE DFC, 1914-1997

Born 5 August 1914, Liverpool. Married Edna Fearon, 6 August 1938 in Liverpool. Died 12 December 1997 in Swansea.

Edna Doretta Fearon, 1913-1997

Born 20 June 1913, Liverpool. Married Harry Breeze, 6 August 1938, Liverpool. Died 1 March 1997 in Swansea.

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